Stal Barghorn
   News 2015
July 25, 2015 Wonderfull Jazz completed his Int GP debut with 62%!!!! So very proud of him!!!!
His rider Annemieke Vincourt Krom posted this comment on her fb page: Superrr happy with my two Jazz boys! Jive11 th off 30 and he was super! Some small tens mistakes but very happy with my jivie.! Shavy was going super but to many mistakes on my side! Super passage and halfpasses! Now official FEI GP horse!!! Congratulations to Stephan Wensing with this! Tomorow another day at Deauville!

July 5, 2015
This is a most tragic day for us. Our beloved Senna was PTS due to a fatal colic. She was operated to give her all the chances she deserved but sadly did  not recover. from the operation Her colt foal is just 2,5 month old, for him it is a very traumatic experience but as we promised Senna we will take care of him the best we can. We owe Senna a lot, her legacy is so precious to us. We hope her daughter Enjoy SV will follow her in her footsteps. Dear Senna we miss you a lot, the fields and stables are so empty without you!!!!
RIP  oh so very special girl!

April 13, 2015

Big, Black and Beautiful is the way to describe Senna's coltfoal, he is a stunner!!!
V: Fairytale (Lord Leatherdale x Negro x Don Gregory x Rubinstein)

We named him  Kashqai SV .
April 14, 2015
One day you are over the moon with a new life in the stables and the next day just devastated because Bachoera aborted her foal at 9 months pregnancy.
Bachoera seems to be fine but we will keep a close eye on her.  Hopefully it was just bad luck and do we get the chance to breed from her again.

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