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November 13,2012. D'Orieta sold to France
Today D'Orieta ZS ( Flemmingh x Jazz) has left for her new home in France.
We wish Fabienne all the best with her!

October 22, 2012. Esteban reserve in Young horse competition.
Esteban (Florencio x Jazz) gained the reserve title
in a popular dressage competition for young horses.
A superb result, for rider/owner Petri Bax, considering that there were about 90! competitors.

September 27, 2012. Heatrow SV left home.
We brought Heatrow to the livery, De Gouden Hoep, where he will stay till his 3rd year.
July 6, 2012. 3 PROK predicates!!
Some weeks ago we have had Bachoera, Enjoy and Elivia X rayed and all
3 mares were awarded the PROK certificate/predicate.
We are so pleased with this result!
July 21 2012. Succes on the KWPN inspections for Danica SV.
Danica and Marije earned a ticket for the semi finals from the Pavo Cup next month.
Later in the afternoon Danica became Champion 4 year and older 'stermares'.
She was awarded the Keurpredicate and became an ELITE mare!!
August 30, 2012. Ever so Clever back home.
Ever is saddlebroken and ridden for the last 6 weeks, he is doing well under thesaddle and his rider Joyce was very pleased with his progression.
August 13 and 16 2012. Danica SV in semi finals Pavo Cup.
In the semi finals Pavo Cup Danica SV and her rider Marije Tromp qualified for the finals later this week.
In the finals they ended on place 26.
July 12, 2012. Bach's going to Scotland
Bachoera SV has left to Scotland where she will stay with Roselyn Serex
from Solaris Sporthorses for the next year or so.
She will having her foal to Rubin Cortes at the end of March 2013.
July 01,2012. Ever so Clever in training.
Ever will be saddlebroken by Joyce Wever.
We hope he will make a fine dressage horse.
July 04, 2012. Ruby passed the 30 days ultra sound!
We are so pleased to announce that Ruby is in foal to Desperado ( Vivaldi x Havidoff)
April 22, 2012. Bachoera x Rubin Cortes.
Bachoera has been succesfully inseminated with Rubin Cortes (foto).
April 18, 2012. Heathrow SV is born!
At 00.40 this night Senna gave birth to a lovely Colt.
He is big, strong and full of spirit.
His name will be Heathrow SV
March 15, 2012 Danica SV sold!
Today Danica passend the thorough Vets exams with flying colors. The sale has become a fact and Kim Thijssen is the new owner.
We like to wish Kim lots of succes with Danica.

Februari 3 and 4, 2012. KWPN stallion inspections in Den Bosch.
Esteban ( Florencio x Wieta Corieta Texel) has attended the stallion inspections and is selected for the performance test!
We do congratulate his Owner Petri Bax with this wonderfull result!
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